• One Stop Solutions – From Prototype/FA to Production to Assembly with seamless supply chain management
  • Foundry Solutions – Sand casting foundry for Grey cast iron, Ductile iron and Aluminium casting productions
  • Machining – CNC Turning & Milling , Centerless Grinding , Conventional Milling; equipped with CMM
  • Surface Treatment Services – Anodize (Type I, II, III), Clear & Yellow Chromate, Passivation, Blueing, Phosphate and Selective Nickel Plating, Sandblasting (Glass bead & Brown Aluminium Oxide), Electroless Nickel Plating (EN)
  • Paint / Coat – Powder coat, Spray Painting finishes with Anti-Bacteria properties (Nano) and Silk screen printing
  • Cleanroom Services – Class 1K & 10K cleanrooms
  • Mechanical Assembly

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